How to Find Bathroom Remodeling Contractor that You Can Trust?

How to find Remodeling Contractor that you can trust?  The following are tips that will help you navigate through the field of remodeling contractors.

Bathroom Remodeling Marion, IA

Talk with your family and friends – If people have recently done a home improvement project in their homes, ask them for suggestions on who they used. The contractor might not be in business anymore or no longer do home improvements but you can surely get an idea on what to look for when selecting a contractor.

Pre-screening companies – After asking around, check online review sites like Google Places, Yelp! or Angie’s List. These are good sources because these customers already did their homework before posting about their experience with particular companies. You can use this information when weighing which company to hire for your project.

Onsite Review – Never book an appointment with a contractor without going to their office. Making an appointment is an easy way for them to avoid you because they can claim that they are busy and cannot attend your interview. If the company makes you wait in the lobby area for an extended period of time, it is understandable but when they do not even have anyone who will greet you or when no one answers when phones are called – it’s a pretty clear sign that this company does not put a high value on their customers’ needs and time.

Look at portfolios – Request a portfolio from any prospective companies that look promising just so you can have visual references of the work that they have done in the past. A good source of information would be if one the homeowners has photos (or even video) of the project.

Additional references – Call local government agencies, banks and other companies in the area to ask for contractor recommendations. This will give you legitimate third-party information that is not biased towards any one company which might be an advantage if their services are terrible or if they are untrustworthy.

Check credentials – Make sure that the remodeling contractors you are considering have proper certific Bath Association (NKBA). You can also check with your state’s licensingations from organizations like The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

Get a Contract – It is important to have a contract in place before the work begins. This document will protect you as well as the contractor and outlines what is expected of both parties. It’s not unusual for contractors to ask for a down payment before starting the job – anywhere from 10-30% of the total cost.

Payment Schedule – A good payment schedule will have milestones that are evenly spaced out so you’re not paying for the entire job at once. This also gives the contractor an incentive to stay on schedule and complete the work on time.

Final Walk-through – After all of the work has been completed, it’s important to do a final walk-through with the contractor to make sure that everything has been done to your satisfaction. If there are any problems, they should be addressed at this time so that the contractor can make the appropriate corrections.

Bathroom Remodeling Marion, IA